Artisan Leather Products

We’ve sourced a premium range of genuine Italian leather accessories that offer quality in design, materials and craftsmanship. All of our leather products are hand crafted in Tuscany from certified high-grade vegetable tanned leather. The process is an ancient artisan tradition using natural vegetable tannins. The result is superior quality leather that has unique characteristics and a naturalness that is unmistakable. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship make our leather bags and accessories true artisan products, authenticity guaranteed.

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Shop Instagram. Bora Bora Leather Trolley Bag Bora Bora Large Trolley Bag
Our Price: $1,050.00
Shop Instagram. TL Leather Duffel Bag Voyager Duffel Bag
Our Price: $399.00
Shop Instagram. Aura Leather Handbag in Bordeaux Aura Handbag in Bordeaux
Our Price: $210.00
Shop Instagram. Minverva Bucket Bag Minerva Bucket Bag
Our Price: $229.00
Women's Leather Wallet Bag | Avalina Leather | Australia Women's Wallet in Honey
Our Price: $169.00